The time for great change is abound on this Planet("Plane"Net") we call Earth("Heart"Terah"), and it us up to you to take your rightful place among the "Stars" and position yourself on this field of energy we travel. This is the secret of We As One. I am you, you are I, and we are everything and nothing all at once. You have experienced everything i have, you have lived my shoes, and you have been here before. This is not your first time, and it probably wont be your last, but through consciousness you can realize what you truly are and take back your own power. This is what We As One is truly about. "Re"-"Membering" the parts of you that you have cut off and forgotten. Putting yourself back, and putting our world back together. We are here to help you remember. To heal you, shock you, suprise you, and jolt you into action. We are here for the L O V E  of all energy, and to re root our operating system away from a fear driven virtual reality. We As One is here to change the world. 

The Concept: 

We As One is about unity. It is about the collective consciousness coming together, and all of us being a part of something larger. This does not mean death to the individual, however, as We As One is about each and every person's unique and singular perspective, and how that perspective makes up the world that they inhabit.  It is more then a combination of words that correlate to a idea. It is more then an embodiment of a concept, or personification of a train of thought. It is inside of each and every single person, and it is something that is embedded deep in our D.N.A.