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Name: Jon Petro

Contribution(s): Michigans In-House Photographer / Videographer / Producer / Sound Engineer

Bio: Born in raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jon has pursuied Music and Art his whole life, directing his own movie, and drumming for the local Kalamazoo band Combat Corduroy. We As One has been involved with Jon since there youth, and will continue to learn and grow with help from Jon's Expertise as time opens itself up.

Name: Sammy Welnicke

Contribution(s): Illinois' In-House Photgrapher / Videographer

Bios: Born and Raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Sammy now spends her time working at Dairy Queen. She does free-lance photography and graphic design in her spare time, and any of the "professional" photos on this page were shot by Sam. 

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Name: Jack Finbar Mcgovern.

Contribution(s):Illinois' In- House Sound Engineer / Producer / Vocal Specialist 

Bio: Born and raised in Ireland, Jack moved to The south side of Chicago at 9 years old.  He immediatley found a interest in computers and electronics, and at a young age Jack began experimenting with Musical Production Software like Fruity Loops and Ableton. We As One is in the process of become independent in terms of beat production and recording, and Jack is a big step towards this future.

Name: Eric Earl Good

Contribution(s): Lyricist

Bio:Born and raised in " ", Eric now resides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, helping to hold down the Illinois Branch of We As One and providing his unique vocals to the group. 

Name: Caleb "K" Palmer

Contribution(s): Michigan's In-House Wire Wrapper / Crystal Expert

Bio: Born and raised in Delton, Michigan, Caleb is responsible for keeping the Michigan side of We As One in constant equilibrium. With a business approach in mind, Caleb is currently transitioning into a Recording Artist.

Name: Troy Christian Good

Contribution(s): Lyricist

Bio: Originally born in Illinois, Troy now spends his time recording and handling We As One's Colorado branch in Colorado Springs.

Name: Benjamin "Skeeter" Earnst 

Contribution(s): In-House Tye-Dye's and Custom Clothing.

Bio: Born and Raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Ben is an important part of the Illinois Branch of We As One, with his individual style and one of a kind vision towards Art and Creativity. 


Name: Reece Buthman

Contribution(s): Founding Member/Lyricist/Sound-Engineer

Bio: Born in  Illinois, Reece now resides in Glen Ellyn, 20 miles from Chicago, where he records and handles the Illinois branch of We As One. 

Name: Nicholas Petro

Contribution(s):Lyricist/Founding Member/Sound-Engineer/In-house Wire Wraps + Custom Art/

Bio: Born and Raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Nick handles business in the Michigan Branch of We As One, as well as home-made stickers and art for the group.

Name: Mattathias Stanaway

Contribution(s): Illinois' In-house Wire Wrapper / Crystal Expert

Bio: Born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, Matt plays in important part in keeping a energy balance in We As One's Illinois Branch.